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The Bliss Party Presents

How to Get What You Want

with International Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Coach & Mindset Expert:
Jodie Baudek

Sunday, April 7
Essence of Life Chicago, 641-643 West Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60654


What is The Bliss Party?
We want to bring together people looking to have fun and raise their consciousness. We want to transcend the need to be boozing our way through social events by focusing on the connection between people. So, we're starting the movement in Chicago! We'll have snacks and bevs, music, a group meditation and inspiring performance to round out the evening. Get blissed out with us!

In this Bliss Party Edition, join Master Teachers Jodie Baudek & Kelsey Mathes with a local artist, where you’ll learn how to get what you want!

Part 1
Meet other Bliss Party goers as we facilitate fun yet deep conversations over snacks and bevs. Don't be surprised if there are glitter tattoos, slap bracelets, "unicorn poo" candies, live music, and more! Music featuring a local artist.

Part 2
Join Meditation Expert, Founder of The Bliss Party, & your Host, Kelsey Mathes who will introduce you to the function and importance of a daily meditation practice, as well as the different styles of meditation and how they work on your body and physiology differently.

She will then bring you through a guided meditation that will increase your awareness of your desires - what you want to create - and empowering your confidence in achieving it.

Kelsey will provide you with an audio-recording after the event so you can continue to move forward with your practice.

Part 3
Jodie Baudek, International Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Coach, Mindset-Expert and Founder of Essence of Life Shorewood & Chicago dives deeply into how you can get what you want.

Jodie has supported hundreds of clients identify what they want, and how to break it down into how to get it. She specializes in helping you break down your projects into the next-smallest-step so you can actually get it done!

Sometimes it’s difficult to step into owning our desires - Jodie will help you identify your fears and help you to overcome them, as well.

Part 4
Take a deep, relaxing collective breath with your fellow Partiers and connect over one last song from our local artist! Leave the event with take-home techniques from our presenters, info on our musicians and artists, access to our exclusive Facebook Page with offers/events, and more! Beware: we've been known to end with a Soul Train or two. 


Jodie Baudek is the Founder & Owner of Essence Of Life, but can be seen teaching multiple classes throughout the week such as Yoga, Mat Pilates, Barre & Dance! She felt the need to bring the mind, body, & soul connection to our community through Yoga & Pilates. Now, a decade later, Jodie realized she didn’t just “open a studio”… she opened a sanctuary, a place of tranquility, love, & enlightenment. She continues to help others make amazing life changes daily through motion & meditation. Jodie has spent decades teaching multiple classes throughout the week teaching yoga, meditation, breathwork, pilates, barre & dance. Now, Jodie teaches & empowers other teachers on how to turn up the light in themselves and others! Beyond EOL, Jodie established herself as a published author & motivational speaker, and international coach. Jodie thanks God everyday for showing her to follow his plan! If we can allow ourselves to take our hands off the steering wheel, we always find his plan for us is grander then anything we could ever imagine.,, @essenceoflife_chicago

Kelsey Mathes is a Vedic Meditation Teacher, Holistic Nutritionist, Life Coach & Zumba/Beginner Social Dance instructor based in Chicago where she helps clients smile more, laugh harder, and enjoy life to the fullest in big and small ways. As a recovering perfectionist-workaholic, Kelsey shares the tried-and-true techniques that have helped her and hundreds of clients streamline the boring stuff so they have more time for building stronger, more positive relationships, creative projects, and chilling the F* out. She strives to meet each client where they are and help them achieve their goals using small but effective changes that lead to major shifts. In the Spring of 2019, Kelsey will be teaching Meditation, Salsa & Zumba at Essence of Life, teaching Vedic Meditation in Chicago; New York City; Rochester, NY; leading an intimate health retreat to Yellowstone National Park and continuing to work with her varied roster of individual and small-group coaching clients. You can follow her on Instagram @kammeditation, and get her regular updates, stories and inspirations at

Maggie Vagle hails from her roots in Minneapolis growing up with folk musician parents, to her life as front woman of hip-hop/jazz/soul group Sidewalk Chalk in Chicago, Maggie draws from her many inspirations, creating a sound that is an authentic expression of herself. It's an honest and powerful sweetness that will captivate any audience. Although she has been gracing stages all around the world for years, she is just now emerging as a solo artist. You can follow her on Instagram @xmargagramx

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Stacia Aashna, CCHT, LC

Stacia Aashna, CCHT, LC is a Life Coach, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Yoga Teacher. She graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing ARts, where she studied hypnotherapy and neurolinuistic programming. She received her degree in Clinical Hpynotherapy from the American Council for the Hypnotherapy Examiners (ACHE). She is also a certified Life Coach and Yoga Teacher with a specialty in working with victims of trauma. In addition, she is certified in the Vovington Process Method for Getting Rid of Anxiety through the Hypnosis Institute of International School. Stacia has over ten years of working in the field and doing clinical work. Through her work, she utilizes proven techniques including: Therapeutic imagery, meditation, inner child work, regression therapy, neurolinguistic programming, breathwork, and yoga. Stacia is available for individual sessions as well as group settings.